Unknown First Design

USAF General Officer

Cap By Luxenberg



Figure 1: Early first design USAF Shade 84

Service Dress cap by Luxenberg. Identity
Of officer is unknown



Figure 2: Notice the dual cap badge holes to

accommodate all sizes of cap eagles


A beautiful first design cap produced by Luxenberg and obtained through an auction on Ebay. The identity of the officer is unknown but the cap is an excellent example of first design. The cap is dated 2 December 1951 and has the dual hole fittings to accommodate all sizes of cap eagles. First design caps produced prior to 1956 were the only ones to have such fittings. The cap was produced before the first published edition of AFM 35-10 in 1956 which governed such items. Prior to 1956, many officers wore cap eagles which were personally appealing as was done during World War II and before. In this case, the general chose to wear the jumbo cap eagle produced by GEMSCO. After 1956, the regulation on cap eagles was clear and there was no need for the production of the dual cap holes. The design and style of cap eagle adopted after 1956 is similar to that of the US Army, but in silver oxide, and is still in use today. This example also has the rear cap band with cap band hook for addition stability when worn.


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